Anna is an Austrian multidisciplinary artist and designer working with porcelain, stoneware, and metal.

Human interference with the natural environment is a dominant theme in her practice. Her research focuses on how humans constrict and take ownership of nature by confining it to an artificial space.

To translate this concept into artwork, she creates sculptures that are reminiscent of natural organisms recalling the aesthetics of moss and roots yet confined in a controlled and defined shape. With her work, she comments on how our ownership and control over the environment has weakened nature and stripped it of its own agency.




Title: Unrooted worship, Stoneware, hard wood, 111 x 97 cm, 2022

Trinity Art Gallery, London







“questioning the role of ceramic art in gateway design“

Anna Cebular is exploring conceptual gateway design with the incorporation ceramics,

providing unique entry experiences for her customers.

She seeks to collaborate with Architects, Designers and more.



Title: “Guards of the Wilderness” Concept, Model and Animation

The gateway stands as a protector of our wild forests, communicating the need for

regeneration and harmonious coexistence with the natural world.

The surface design of the work is inspired by aerial views of wild forests.

She uses mechanical kinetic used in robotics

to draw attention to the invasion of man-made objects in the environment.