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“Guards of the Wilderness”


Guards of the Wilderness is a physical and conceptual threshold gateway system that playfully combines the ancient materiality of clay with contemporary master metal craft, creating a hybrid sculptural piece animated by innovative kinetic technology.

Combining high quality, detailed craftsmanship and engine art with kinetic articulation transform the act of opening and closing into a theatrical experience.


Large-scale and mystical in appearance, this re-appropriation of gateways establishes a powerful symbol of regeneration, balancing the natural and the man-made world to propose a sustainable coexistence.

This bespoke architectural sculpture is characterized by its mystical appearance, creating a stunning first impression, whilst setting the scene for the home beyond.


Guards of the Wilderness is a metaphorical gateway, a protector and advocate for the worlds of wilderness and wild spaces, echoing preindustrial landscapes and proposing a symbiotic relationship between the natural world and the homes we build.   




©Anna Cebular - Design&Concept, ©Michael Da Costa - 3D Object, ©Aidan Lonergan - Rigging, ©Joseph Sciberras Margrie - Animation